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Current Promotions

We are pleased to offer a selection of MEC 100E TRAP MACHINES.


Atlas July 4th Promo

10% Off ALL Atlas Products

(Valid 7/3/17 - 7/7/17)

It's that time of year again!  Atlas has their annual July 4th Promo going on for an entire week.  

10% Off ALL Atlas Products from July 3rd thru July 7th

If you were thinking about buying at Atlas machine, this is the best time of year to do so.

10% Off ALL Atlas Products

Laporte 12C Skeet Set

$500 off on 12C Laporte Skeet Sets

(Valid until 12/31/16 - Now extended until further notice)

Laporte 12C Skeet Sets are $500 their retail price until further notice.

This was a promotion that Laporte ran at the end of 2016 and they have extended it into 2017.  They may decide to end the promotion at any time without us knowing about it.  We will have to check to see if it is still valid for each and every order.

The 185 Skeet 12c has seduced all its users since its creation in 2004 and its success has continued with its two selections for the Olympic Games in Athens and Beijing.

Its very high quality production associated with a state of the art design says it all. The 185 Skeet 12C has a very large capacity of 600 clays per machine for even more comfortable use with less frequent refills. It is equipped with an instant target release due to the solenoid system, high-performance anti-corrosion highly resistant throwing plate, anti-vibration throwing arm system and a timer for Olympic skeet.

The body of the machine has been developed using a new process of  metal molding for exceptional accuracy. LAPORTE®, guaranteed quality since 1927, guarantees the 185 Skeet 12c for 3 years with a lifetime guarantee on the throwing arm.


  • Number of Traps:  2
  • Magazine:  12 Columns
  • Clay Capacity:  650 (1300 total)
  • Delivered with Spring:  Green or Grey spring
  • Spring Compatibility:  All Springs
  • Throwing Distance:  Up to 100 yards
  • Movement:  Fixed
  • Cycle Time:  1.8 seconds
  • Solenoid:  Yes
  • Voltage:  12v DC; 110v AC option for $189
  • Specific Option:  Voice Release Optional
  • Height:  42"
  • Weight:  177lbs each
  • Types of Clays:  108MM and 110MM

Price:  $7,199.00          $6,699.00