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Archery & Paintball Products

We are pleased to offer a selection of ATLAS & LAPORTE Archery or Paintball Target Throwing Machines.

Atlas Trap Co


Atlas Apollo

Atlas Apollo™

(Targets sold separately)

Aerial archery made easy with the Apollo™ archery machine. The Apollo is designed for use by individuals, clubs, hunter’s education programs and anyone who enjoys shooting aerial archery targets. The Apollo was conceived in the spirit of our RTC clay target thrower, the most versatile unit in our product line. Coupled with the input of some of the world’s finest archers, the Apollo’s resulting flexibility is simply unmatched. Quick and easy adjustments for speed and trajectory along the 90°target spectrum allow for an ever-changing practice field perfect for all ages and skill levels. By stepping on a button you can launch targets straight up, along the ground and everything in between. The Apollo is produced with commercial-grade components yet is surprisingly lightweight for portability. 

Adaptable with our full line of accessories, the Apollo can be tailored to suit the needs of any club or private home. Standard features include a 100’ foot pedal release cord and a five year warranty, with lifetime coverage on the clutch and electronics — the best in the industry.


  • Throws Vertical, Rabbit and Looping Targets
  • Highly Portable
  • Fully Automatic
  • Adjustable Target Distance
  • Fast Cocking Time
  • Adjustable for Wind
  • 15 Target Capacity
  • Commercial Grade
  • Powered by 12 Volt Battery
  • 100’ Foot Pedal Release Included
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty Plus Lifetime Warranty on Clutch & Electrical

Price: $3,499.00

Apollo Targets

Atlas Apollo™ Targets

(The Apollo™ holds 15 targets)

Lightweight, durable foam targets, can withstand 500 impacts.

Made especially for the Atlas Apollo™ Target Launcher.

Price: $15.00 each

Pack of 15:  $225.00

Laporte Archery


Laporte Phoenix 65T25

Laporte Phoenix® 65T25

(Includes 65 Targets)

The 65T25, our top of the range Phoenix®, has a capacity to hold a total of 65 targets and increases the total shooting time with less refills required.

With varying target trajectories anywhere between rabbits and verticals, the Phoenix® 65T25 is ideally suited for leisure or competition shooting at archery clubs, clay shooting grounds, golf clubs, country hotels, summer camps, schools, leisure resorts, corporate entertainment and at other venues.

  • Number of Traps: 1
  • Magazine:  5 columns
  • Target Capacity:  65
  • Delivered with Spring:  Grey
  • Spring Compatibility:  N/A
  • Movement:  N/A
  • Trajectory:  Rabbit, Teal and Looper (Easily adjustable trajectories for consistent targets from 0-90 degrees)
  • Mode of Release:  Comes with 75' push button release
  • Re-cocking Times:  2.2 seconds
  • Voltage:  12V
  • Powered by 12V battery, gel battery
  • Battery not included
  • Specific Option:  Mobile with pneumatic wheels and handle for easy transportation over all ground condition
  • Warranty:  2 Years

Price:  $4,499.00

25cm PRO Target

Target PRO model 25cm

(Part# 8000103 & 8000105)

The targets are very light (4 oz) and harmless.  They are UV resistant, non-abrasive and 100% ecological.  Made from high density foam, the targets efficiently stop the arrows and also allow for easy extraction.

The target is waterproof and can be washed with a pressure hose.  The target rings are clearly visible with a prominent bulls-eye.

Each target can withstand in excess of 500 impacts, and after each impact the elasticised properties enables the target to regain its shape.

Warning:  Our archery targets have been specifically manufactured to work with the Phoenix® archery trap.  Using other products may cause injuries or degrade the proper use of the machine, making it unsafe.

Price: $19.70

Pack of 65 Targets:  $1,280.50

Laporte Paintball Target

Paintball Targets (25cm)

(Part# 8000341)

The Paintball Targets are the same size as the Archery Targets (25cm) but they have hard plastic on each, which allows for the powder balls to rupture.  The targets are a little bit thinner to accommodate the thickness of the plastic on both sides.

These are specifically for use in the Phoenix® 65T25 Archery Launcher.

Price:  $29.95 each

Powder Balls

Paintball Powder Balls for Paintball Targets - Box of 1000

(Part# 8000330)

These Paintball Powder Balls are especially designed for use with the Paintball Targets.  They are easy to clean off and will give your targets a much longer life.

Price: $65.00



Other Laporte Archery

Accessories Available

Laporte Archery Range

Laporte Phoenix® Foot Release with 82' Cable*                Price:  $275.00 (Part# 8140002)

Laporte Phoenix® Automatic Release Timer*                    Price:  $299.00 (Part# 8120001)

*We have a lot of other release options available on our Accessories page