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Crazy Quail

Crazy Quail Products

We are pleased to offer a selection of CRAZY QUAIL PRODUCTS.

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The Quad

The Quad

(Shown with 4 MEC machines)

Crazy Quail's initial product offering "The Quad" is the first of it's kind. A completely mobile target throwing system unlike anything you've ever seen. Their base rotates 360 degrees and allows you to put up to 4 target throwing machines of most any brand on it. With it's included wireless remote, you can throw targets in ALL different directions giving you unlimited target presentations which is the best kind of practice for real live bird hunting.

The galvanized steel base is heavy duty to the max. They've built this machine to live outdoors. Why should you and your buddies need to go to your local gun club to have a fun time with a shotgun? Just roll out The Quad onto a field and you have an instant good time.

Already have your own target throwing machines? No problem! Just buy our rotating base and put your machines on it.

Don't have any machines? That's fine!  Crazy Quail is an Authorized MEC Reseller and can set you up with the full system that includes four MEC sporter machines to your exact specifications.

Want another brand of machines?  That's fine too.  Here at Howell Traps, we are Authorized dealers of a lot of brands of machines.  Just tell us which ones you want and we can make it happen.

The Quad is currently available and shipping to all continents. There is currently a 2 to 3 week lead time.

This Crazy Quail machine is the perfect machine for your gun club, backyard or upcoming event! Everyone simply loves shooting Crazy Quail!

Watch the videos below!

Quad Base only:  $6,000.00

Price with 4 MEC 200E's: $20,500.00


Increase The Profitability Of Your Gun Club With Crazy Quail from Crazy Quail on Vimeo.


Crazy Quail at the Black and Gold Classic - Grand Isle, LA from Crazy Quail on Vimeo.

Watch Crazy Quail heat up the shores of Louisiana with non-stop, action packed, clay dusting fun!


The Mini

The Mini

(Shown with a MEC machine)

The Crazy Quail Mini is a new "REVOLUTION" in target shooting. Currently in the final stages of development, this machine will be able to out maneuver ANY throwing machine currently on the market.

Since they began a little over a year and half ago traveling around the country introducing inquistive shooters to the Quad model, they learned that the "giant" machine is a bit over the budget of a large number of shooters and organizations. This year they strived to not only remedy that situation, but exceed it.

Introducing the Crazy Quail Mini; a smaller, more affordable version of the original Crazy Quail machine with all the 360 degree rotating fun you love!! The Mini features a completely new electronics system which will give you control unlike you've ever had before.

Control It With Your iPhone!

The Mini works with their unique wireless gateway, complete with Bluetooth Low Energy. Just connect up your iPhone and you can control up to 256 Mini's with just your phone! Make them rotate in sync, throw a set number of targets with a set number of seconds interval and away you go. You can even SHAKE the phone to throw a target!!

You can certainly buy the mini base alone without a thrower, but add on MEC's new thrower they built specially for the Mini with Power Tilt and you now have 20 degrees of elevation control as well! You get all this control with a remote that works at least 500 yards away! Now that is control!

Crazy Quail is the best practice you can shoot while it's spinning giving you unlimited target presentations, but you can also stop the machine at the perfect angle and just practice that shot till you've mastered it! It's simply amazing.

They're still putting the finishing touches on this machine to make sure it's not only incredible but reliable as well. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring this new "revolution" to the market!

Watch more videos below!

Mini base only:   $3,000.00

Mini with MEC 200E Pitch & Roll:  $7,000.00

Mini with MEC 200E Pitch only:  $6,000.00


Crazy Quail Mini Promo from Crazy Quail on Vimeo.

Checkout the new Crazy Quail Mini, complete with exact positional control! You've never seen anything like it!


The New Crazy Quail Mini with Bluetooth Low Energy iPhone Control! from Crazy Quail on Vimeo.

Control a "covey" of Crazy Quail machines using just your iPhone!!



More Crazy Quail Videos


The Crazy Quail "World Premiere" Introduction Video (with Tom Knapp & David Miller) from Crazy Quail on Vimeo.


Crazy Quail at The Shot Show 2014! from Crazy Quail on Vimeo.

See what people thought our machine at Media Day during the 2014 SHOT Show!!! Featuring an amazing product called X-Rail! It's truly a great combination. Learn about our new CQ Mini, a smaller more affordable machine that will allow the purchase of a Crazy Quail machine on most ANY budget!!! See what all the fuss is about!


Crazy Quail - It's All About "Presentation"! from Crazy Quail on Vimeo.

Learn just why Crazy Quail is so unique! It's all about "presentation", and Crazy Quail gives you an unlimited amount of different shots, all in an incredibly mobile package.


Crazy Quail at Rice Creek from Crazy Quail on Vimeo.

Our Crazy Quail flurry machine debuts at the Rice Creek Gun Fair sponsored by Reeds! See shooters of all ages try our machine and have a blast!