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Canterbury Voice Release

Canterbury Voice Release Systems

We are pleased to offer a selection of CANTERBURY VOICE RELEASE PRODUCTS.

Wireless CVR

Wireless Canterbury Voice Release (CVR) for Trap


This is the latest unit to be developed by Canterbury as a direct result of shooters/club managers' requests.  Canterbury has spent nearly 2.5 years in development to get this unit to perform to the same level as the wired system.  It now works perfectly and in some respects it 'out performs' the wired unit.

This unit features 5 microphones, each of which is linked by a short cable to its own transceiver.  The transceiver clamps to the microphone stand.

Microphone, stand & base are the same components as the wired unit.

The trap house has a 'base station' transceiver which is powered from the standard Canterbury relay unit (as used in the wired system) and this links it to the trap machine.  Depending on the material used in the trap house, this transceiver may be located either inside or outside the house.  A polycarbonate cover is provided to afix and protect this unit.

The referee/scorer also has a wireless transceiver which operates in the same manner as the old wired trigger.  This allows the trap house transceiver to be switched on or off - so disabling the microphones - a target can be manually released and it has a visible light that blinks off when the trap is activated.


  • No cables across shooting lanes
  • Easier to operate handicap events
  • Fewer connecting points, so less likelihood of maintenance issues
  • Easier to use in winter temperatures where cables are not effectiveWireless


Batteries are AA (4) in each of the microphone and ref's units and it is anticipated that a club should get around 200 hours use out of one set of batteries.  The trap unit is powered by 12v from the relay box connected to a 230v/110v outlet.

Wireless CVR w/ Turbo Mics: $2,469.07

Wireless CVR w/ Aluminum Mics:  $2,469.07

Wired CVR

Wired Canterbury Voice Release (CVR) for Trap


This unit features 5 microphones, linked by cables to an electronics control box and from there to the trap and the scorer's trigger unit.  The electronics incorporate a 1/6th of a second delay from the shooter's call to activation of the trap.  This directly mimics the button operation of a human puller.  Installation is simple and there are no dials or settings to fiddle with.  The remote trigger unit for the scorer/referee has an 'on/off' switch and a 'push' button for testing the trap release.  It also features a light which blinks off when the trap is activated - this allows a visual check of the trap from the scorers position without walking forward of the shooting line.

The electronics filter out most of the background noises through its unique design and allows the unit to be set up on any field without 'tuning' microphones.  Simply assemble the equipment and switch it on.  All types of calls are recognized although an occasional shooter may experience non-release of a target if they have a peculiar or sharp call - this can be overcome with minimal effort on the shooters part and any typicall call of the word "pull" will get a target.

There are more than 6,000 of these units in use worldwide, from single trap clubs to the U.S. Grand with 100 traps.

Wired CVR w/ Turbo Mics:  $1,618.56

Wired CVR w/ Aluminum Mics:  $1,618.56

Wireless Upgrade Kit

CVR Wireless Upgrade Kit


Convert your existing wired CVR system to a new wireless system.

Everything you need is included in the kit, even batteries.  

Gets rid of all wires.

This kit utilizes your existing stands, mics, relay box and power supply.

Price:  $2,056.71

Wireless CVR Skeet

Wireless CVR for Skeet


Following on from the success of Canterbury's Trap wireless unit, this Skeet version is now fully developed.  This system has taken a lot of work to enable it to seamlessly integrate into any Club's Skeet field as we found that there are so many different ways that Skeet fields are wired up, powered up, connected to target management systems, etc, that we went down several dead ends in the process of this development.  However, what we have ended up with will fit any Club's facility and give perfect target release over voice activation as well as the High to Low targets being 'armed' on gun report ready for the next call.

This unit features 2 trap transceivers (although the second 'slave' unit does not actually need to be connected to the second trap machine to work), 1 microphone transceiver and one hand-held remote.  This remote can be placed on the microphone stand for solo shooting or where an independent referee is not provided.

Microphone and base are the same components as in all our other units.

The 'master' and 'slave' trap transceivers are powered from a specific Canterbury skeet relay unit and this links it to the trap machines.  These transceivers are best located outside the trap house using the special polycarbonate cover provided.

The remote unit engages the required trap transceiver and has 4 operator buttons:  H for High house (and this also 'pre-engages' the Low house after the shot of the gun), L for just the Low house, D for Doubles and M for Manual operation - where you want to release a target without voice call over the microphone.


  • All targets released on true voice call, i.e. no 'slow' or 'fast' pulls
  • Reduced club costs where shooters can shoot solo or in squads without a puller
  • Lower grade events do not require a first grade puller any longer
  • Easy portability of the microphone from station to station
  • No cables across the field

Batteries are AA (4) in the microphone and 9v (1) in the remote unit and it is anticipated that a club should get around 100 hours use out of a set.  The trap unit is powered by 12v from the relay box connected to a 230v/110v outlet.

A built-in target counter within the remote is to be developed down the road and will be backwards compatible to all skeet units.

Price:  $1,828.95

CVR Spare Parts

Do you need some spare parts for your Wired Canterbury Voice Release System?  

We have them all right here.  

You can also check out BRB's line of spare parts for Canterbury Voice Release Systems if you want to save some money on your replacement parts.

Turbo Microphone

Microphones - Turbo or Aluminum


A significant improvement in Microphone design.  Better response, less cross calls.  Weather resistant and tough!

Turbo Mic has a 2 year guarantee.  These mics are hand built to exacting specs.  They simply are the best available.  Tough injection molded rubber rim.  OEM on all new CVR sets.  Replaces old style mic.

Price:  $67.01

Set of 5:  $267.01

Microphone Collars

Microphone Collars


These powder coated steel bands help protect your microphones from breakage due to mishandling, tipping and wind gusts.  Bolts on using the original hardware in seconds.

Price:  $8.00

Set of 5:  $35.00