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Please let us know how we're doing. We are one of the only full-service clay target throwing machine companies in the industry. We sell them, service them, rent them, and make parts for them. We also offer property and course design services as well as target delivery and service calls. Our professionals at Howell Traps are here to help you with any of your Trap Equipment needs. Your feedback helps to let us know when we're getting it right and when we need to make some changes. Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts. If you'd like to include a picture of you and/or your machines, please email the pictures to info@howelltraps.com



Dear Corey

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the Champion 6-Packer with the oscillating base that you sent to me.  I have used it for close to three years and it has been reliable the whole time.   I routinely take it out to shoot 200-400 targets in a session.  I just bought the wobble attachment from you and look forward to using it over the holidays with my family for some outdoor fun--I'm sure that the wobble will be another way to improve my bird hunting skills.  We live in Southern California close to the beach and can shoot year round.  There will be times this November when when we will have finished up a hunt for wild quail and then we'll take out the trap to "process" a case or two of shells before heading home. I also want to thank you for the excellent service at Howell Shooting Supplies--your family is always willing to make sure that my machine is set up and running, no matter how much time and instruction I need to get the trap adjusted "just right."  My only regret is that you don't live in my neighborhood so that I could hang out at your shop a bit!  Take care and thank you for such a wonderful product and service!





Dear Folks at Howell

You guys recommended my Sporter 180 back in the Summer.  I can honestly say that this was the best product recommendation I have ever received, and the best customer service to boot.





Dear Corey

You guys are great! Thanks for the help and prompt service.




Dear Corey

I want to thank you again for all your help.  You and your store have been more than helpful and patient with us.  Please come visit us some day!!


Yaak Rod & Gun Club; Troy, Montana


Dear Corey & Daniel

The mod kit worked great! Solved our broken target problem. Threw 125 test targets with zero breaks!  Thanks again,


White River Valley Sportsmens Assoc; Holiday Island, Arkansas


Dear Howell Traps

Thank you for coming out and servicing my wobble trap.  It works great!

Thanks again,

T.K. WETHERELL, former Florida Speaker of the House & President of FSU

Tallahassee, Florida


Dear Corey

Many thanks to you and your staff for all the help.  Your recommendation for the machines we are using at Granite Springs was right on target.  Our hunters could not be happier warming up on the range you helped establish.

Thanks again,


Granite Springs Lodge


Dear Corey, Daniel & Harrell

Although there are dealers closer to Crooked Creek Conservation Club in Hartsgrove, Ohio, Howell Shooting Supplies has earned our business and loyalty with excellent customer service and quality products. We never expected that a dealer so far from us would have so much to offer to us up here in Ohio. You are available any time we need  help, even on weekends. You keep your word, are friendly, and provide expert advice and instruction. Thanks Corey, Daniel, and Harrell! You have an open invitation to Crooked Creek if you are ever in Ohio! 

- from:

JIM, BILL & all of us at CROOKED CREEK

Crooked Creek Conservation Club; Hartsgrove, Ohio


Dear Corey

This letter is to commend you and your company for the excellent service I received when purchasing the Easy Bird Auto Feed Trap recently.  As you know, I encountered some technical difficulties in setting up the system and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your telephone support on both a SATURDAY and SUNDAY!  Thanks to your assistance, I now have a machine that works flawlessly.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company or products.  Thank you once again for going the extra mile in assuring customer satisfaction.



Potomac, Maryland


Wayne Connell

Dear Daniel & Corey

I have my skeet houses finished and the laporte skeet machines with voice release system I got from you guys is working great.  I have attached pictures of each house.   Thanks for all the help and great service.


Wayne Connell Sportsman Ranch; Perry, Florida


Dear Ian

Thank you Ian for your wonderful customer service.  We had a few of our voice callers get damaged a couple days before we had a large trap shoot scheduled. Ian didn't have everything I needed in stock at the time but went way far and above by contacting a few other stores and had them overnight the rest. Its not too often any more that you can find a business that will go to great lengths to satisfy customers like Ian did. Everything showed up the morning of our shoot and everything was a success.




Dear Ian

Just dropping you a note to let you know how pleased I am with the new trap. I had looked a long time and did a good bit of research on my own before I called you. The insight you shared in the first few minutes of our conversation was far better help than I received anywhere else. My family is just getting into shooting and already is having a great time with our new AT-50 machine. So far we have put about 500 clays through it in just a few sessions of shooting. We look forward to many years of fun and believe our Atlas trap will provide that.



Litchfield, Minnesota


To the Folks at Howell Traps (Ian/Collin):

I can't thank you enough for all your help with the Atlas trap that I got from you guys, your patience with me explaining processes with this trap is second to none. You guys may be a smaller business but you are HUGE on support and expertise.

Again - Thank you so much,


Cochran, Georgia