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Syrup Kettles
Carolina Kettles

In the 19th century a syrup kettle or sugar kettle was more or less a tool that had several applications around the farm.  It was used as a syrup cooking pot, used to scald hogs at slaughter time, used to render lard and also as a water bath at canning time.  Today they are primarily used as firepots.  Carolina Kettles produces exact replicas of the original syrup kettles.  Our kettles are simple
but elegant.

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Carolina Kettles produces three sizes of pots.  Although there were more sizes available one hundred years ago, we produce thirty gallon,  forty gallon, sixty gallon and eighty gallon pots.  Between these three kettles you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

We also offer the luxury of customizing your kettle with your family, resort, property or hunting/fishing lease name on the lip.

Only one's imagination limits them as to the type of setup they may want for their kettle. You can choose one of our handmade bases with original artwork panels and we are also making a cooking surface/oyster roasting surface for all three sizes of pots.

We have seen these kettles used as fountains, Koi ponds, and planters as well as firepots.  Because of these various uses we cast the kettles whole, with no holes in the bottom.  Of course you can drill a hole to release any water if you choose to use your kettle as a firepot.  Cleaning out your firepot is as easy as blowing it out with your leaf blower.


Kettle Size:

Thirty Gallon Forty Gallon Sixty Gallon Eighty Gallon
Outside Diameter: 39 inches 41 1/4 inches 50 1/2 inches 56 inches
All size kettles have a 4" lip.
Weight: 160 lbs 206 lbs 360 lbs 500 lbs
Depth: 16 1/2 inches 16 1/2 inches 16 1/2 inches 16 1/2 inches
Price: Call Call Call Call
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We currently offer three different types of stands. Our Standard stand is beautiful plain or can be customized with up to six artwork panels of your design.  Our Wagon Wheel stand is heavier and supports the kettles a little higher off the ground.  Our new Foot Rest stand is a crowd pleaser and is offered in an acid wash finish.  This gorgeous, rusty antique finish has proven to be very durable.

Kettle Stand Size:

Thirty Gallon Forty Gallon Sixty Gallon Eighty Gallon
Standard Stand: Call Call Call Call
Artwork Panels: Call (Works on Standard Stand)
Wagon Wheel Stand: Call Call Call Call
Foot Rest Stand: Call Call Call Call
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Standard Stand               Wagon Wheel Stand               Foot Rest Stand

Standard StandWagon Wheel Stand

Artwork Panels
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DeerRunning DeerTurkeyDuckRoosterMuskieCrabOyster


Kettle Accessories

Kettle Size:

 Thirty Gallon

Forty Gallon Sixty Gallon Eighty Gallon
Oyster Cook Top: Call Call Call Call
Grill Cook Top: Call Call Call Call
Standard Poker: Call
Extra Long Poker: Call
Wood Rack: Call


Customize Your Kettle

Customize your kettle with your family, resort, property or hunting/fishing lease name on the lip.  The cost of customization is     call for pricing

Samples of Customizations
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Sample Kettle Setups
(click pictures for larger images)