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Atlas AT-200 Models

(formerly AT-150)

Atlas AT-150 Sporter

NEW FOR 2024! 

The AT-150 is now the AT-200.  It's the same great machine, now with 200 target capacity.  

When you want to practice using the same level of equipment you’ll compete on, you need a clay pigeon thrower small enough for an individual to handle. Yet capable enough to be used in any competition. That’s the AT-200 Commercial. It can recreate the extreme presentations you’ve seen at the gun club — any day of the week, throw after throw.  

That means you can recreate, in yourself, the same extreme shooting skill you’ve seen at the competitions. 

After all, in competition, you’ll see more than simple flights. You’ll see chandelle and teal presentations, and downhill throws. With the AT-200 Commercial, you can practice accurate, highly consistent chandelle and teal presentations all week long. And on the weekends you’re fully prepared to make the air bloom with bright fragments, one bird after another.

Plus, it’s incredibly steep 45° + side-to-side tilt angles allow you to practice the most radical downhill throws.

Throw after throw, at any angle, and in a variety of presentations, the AT-200 is highly consistent, so you can even trust it for your club’s competitions, including registered events. 

It can handle your club’s competitions, with the full confidence of everyone whose reputations are on the line. Because reputation counts. You don’t want your club putting on a sloppy shoot. It can take years to live that down. 

Maybe your gun club has wished for a budget alternative, capable of commercial-grade performance. But just hasn’t been able to raise the money for one.

The AT-200 Commercial puts you over the finish line, with its lower price for all the same performance of higher-end models.

Your club can have the competition level performance of an AT300/400 Commercial. It’s all right there in the AT-200 Commercial. You’d just need to load the traps slightly more often. And for many clubs, that’s a great tradeoff.

This clay pigeon thrower has the same heavy-duty stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum construction. The same power options, from a 12-volt battery or alternatively with 110 volts.

It boasts the same components and commercial performance — identical to the AT300/400 Commercial. The only difference is a smaller capacity, at 200 birds. 

And of course, it differs in that one stat which makes owning this level of machine possible for many individuals and clubs — the smaller price.

And any individual shooter, or club competition committee, will appreciate the quick, easy changes in vertical and tilt angle, enabling virtually instant changes.

As an individual shooter, during the week, you’ll get a lot more practice without turning wrenches. And during competition events, your club will put on a professional, competent shoot with rapid changes that keep the action flowing. Fellow competitors, other clubs, and spectators will all appreciate you. 

One thoughtful and consequential touch will stand-in for many such details of functional, elegant design: the brush mounted beneath the throwing arm. It keeps the tray free of debris. Every throw is self-clearing. 

The dependability and value of this trap, built in the USA as solid as a tank, like all of our traps, is its 6-year warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on the 1-way bearing and all electrical components. 

It’s robust. It’s versatile. It’s for the serious individual competition shooter and can double on registered shoot days as a competition trap.

Atlas AT-150

AT-200 Models

Standard Sporter             $1,799

Left Hand Sporter            $1,799

Midi 90mm                         $1,799

Pro 70mm                            $1,799

Mini 60mm                         $1,799

International 110mm      $1,799

Battue                                    $1,999

Rabbue                                  $1,999

ATA Trap                              $2,699

Wobble Trap                       $2,999

Tri-Axis Wobble Trap      $4,298

Skeet Set                               $4,296

Additional Features

  • Stainless steel knives to throw wet or frozen targets
  • Ratcheting levers to change vertical and tilt angle – no tools required. You can now change angles and presentation in seconds.
  • Side-to-side tilt angles at 45° plus! The machine will throw targets at much steeper and downhill angles.
  • Aggressive tilting angles allow machine to throw chandelle and teal presentations.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Polyester-Coated Construction.
  • Extremely accurate target presentations, a must for competition skeet and consistency.
  • 200 target capacity
  • Powered by 12-volt battery, 110-volt optional.
  • 100' push button release cord included.
  • 6-year warranty plus a lifetime warranty on the one-way bearing and electrical components.
  • 60mm, 70mm, Midi, International and left-hand versions available!
  • 110 yard + throwing distance!
  • Dimensions: 36Lx30Wx29H (Sporting models)
  • 92 Pounds (Sporting models)