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Spare BRB Wireless & Counter Release System Parts

We are pleased to offer a selection of SPARE PARTS for BRB WIRELESS & COUNTER RELASE SYSTEMS.

TX-101 Advanced Digital Transmitter & Microphone

TX-101 Advanced Digital Transmitter


The TX-101 Advanced Digital Transmitter is used in all of BRB's Wireless Voice Release Systems and Wireless Counting Systems.  It is a professional grade digital transmitter priced for the individual shooter.


  • Secure communication - 128 channels, using a different frequency at each shooting stand which means no interference between fields
  • Range - Exceptional 500 yard range
  • Quality - Heavy duty protective rubber boot encases a tough ABS enclosure & stainless steel water/vandal proof switchs
  • Greater Versatility - Controls 1-4 traps.  16 user selectable modes and button layout options allow use in Trap, Sporting Clays, Super Sporting Clays, Quad Sporting Clays, Skeet, etc
  • Power - Auto wake and shut down, coupled with 4AA batteries make for the longest battery life available.  *1,000,000 button releases
  • Manual & Voice Release - Supplied with a durable, metal bodied, lapel microphone that automatically sets the unit to voice operated mode when plugged in
  • Has dip switch settings you can change to change microphone sensitivity
  • Internal microphone for user selectable report pairs
  • Instant true pairs
  • Variable timed following pairs
  • Voice Release 'HOLD' feature.  No need to arm each shot.
  • Skeet - American & International Delay modes
  • Available with a full size microphone and stand for Voice Release use
  • Voice Release SEQUENCE feature.  The user programs the skeet sequence:  "PULL" - Releases trap 1 - BANG "PULL" - Release trap 2 - BANG

Price:  $190

Full Size Microphone with Stand and TX-101 Bracket

Full Size Microphone with Stand & Bracket for the TX-101

(Part# MIC+STAND+TX-101)

Turn your BRB Wireless Voice Release or Counter Release System into a Deluxe system by adding this Full Size Microphone and Stand.  The stand goes directly into the ground where ever you want to use it.  The attached bracket is designed specifically to fit the TX-101 Transmitter.  This gives you a completely hands free Voice Release System with a Full Size Microphone that clubs and club members love.

Price:  $120

Price for 12:  $1,200

BRB Microphone

Full Size Microphone Only


The superior quality and rugged manufacturing of these microphones makes sure that you get the best performance from your equipment.  Each microphone is individually balanced and tested to insure optimum results every time.  Every microphone is supplied with a bracket brace for additional support.  Now with a stainless steel reinforced rear and shock absorbing compound lined interior, to make these microphones practically unbreakable.

Price:  $45

Set of 5:  $215

RX-101 Advanced Digital Receiver with Options

RX-201 Advanced Digital Receiver

(Part# RX-201 RECEIVER)

The TX-101 Advanced Digital Receiver is used in all of BRB's Wireless Voice Release Systems and Wireless Counting Systems.  It is a professional grade digital receiver with exceptional quality and range, but priced for the individual shooter.


  • Incorporates 128 channels of different frequencies to safeguard against cross calls and interference
  • Exceptional 500 yard range
  • Each RX-101 Receiver is capable of operating 1 or 2 traps, which allows you to buy half as many receivers if your using them with two machines close enough together to use this feature, because you will have to plug the receiver into each machine.
  • Extra cable available for $0.50/foot to make this option work.
  • Power is 12v DC standard but they are available in 120v AC or 240v AC options without the need to purchase a separate wall mounted transformer
  • Selectable Standard or Fast trap cocking modes
  • 2 Antenna Options:
  • 1)  Standard rubberized antenna (shown in the picture)
  • 2)  Optional corded exterior magnetic mount extended antenna, for tough locations, at no additional cost

12V or 120V Receiver:  $165

Uprade any Receiver to operate 2 Traps:  $10

Additional Cable:  $0.50/foot

Corded Antenna

Corded Exterior Magnetic Mount Antenna


Did you opt for the standard antenna when you bought your system?  And now realize that you could really benefit from the Exterior Mount Antenna?  Build a new skeet house and want to mount the antenna on the outside of it so you get an even better signal between your transmitter and receiver?  

You can buy the Corded Exterior Magnetic Mount Antenna separately to add to your existing systems.

Just unscrew the standard antenna from the receiver and screw on the cord to the exterior mounted antenna.  Mount it where you need it.  You're ready to go.

Price:  $11

Clubhouse Console

Clubhouse Console


The Clubhouse Console is used for loading, zeroing out and checking Dongle target count, as well as changing the club ground ID if needed.

Power is via a plug-in power supply included with the console.


  • Only 1 required per club regardless of how many counter systems you need or model type
  • Due to that reason, console is sold separately
  • So simple to operate that any team member will be an expert in minutes

Price:  $300


Counter Unit Dongles


Each counter unit comes with 5 Dongles, but most likely you'll end up needing more eventually.  They are sold individually.

Your club can easily program each Dongle with a specific Ground ID that will not work at any other club.

Price:  $6 each

BRB Cabling

Extra Cabling


Each receiver comes with enough cabling to connect it to one machine.  If you'd like to take advantage of the receiver's 2 machine capabilities you'll need extra cabling to connect the receiver to the second machine.

Or you can buy replacement cabling if you need it, for the same price.  Just tell us how long you need it.

Price:  $0.50 per foot