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Carts, Bases & Accessories

We are pleased to offer a selection of CHAMPION EASYBIRD CARTS & ACCESSORIES.


Trap Taxi

Trap Taxi

(Part# 40261)

Need to move your trap around? No problem, Champion has you covered with the Trap Taxi™ - a specially designed pull trailer that holds a variety of traps including the SST, 180-sporter and EasyBird™ Auto-Feed traps. Hook it up to your ATV, small tractor, or pull it yourself to make your trap even more portable.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy transport for moving a single trap
  • Mounting bolt pattern for SST and 180-Sporter with standard or oscillating base; also fits EasyBird Auto-Feed trap
  • Battery tray for quick and convenient storage
  • Pull with a small tractor or ATV
  • Trailer tongue pivots and locks at an angle for maneuvering by hand
  • Will fit just about any smaller personal use trap machine

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:  $160.49

Our Price:  $120.00


Champion claims they have discontinued these Trap Taxi carts and are no longer selling them separately as an accessory.  We are no longer able to buy them from Champion and haven't found any other source.

The closest thing we offer that we could recommend would be the small Atlas cart.  It's a little bit more expensive but it's also a much better cart.  It will work for a Champion EasyBird machine.

Oscillating Base

EasyBird Oscillating Base

(Part# 40913)

Increase your challenge, fun and skill with the EasyBird® Auto-Feed Oscillating Base. Designed for the EasyBird® Auto-Feed, Auto-Feed Doubles or Auto-Feed 6-Packer electric traps, it provides horizontal variation to each throw. With two ranges of horizontal motion, including a full 45 degree option and an alternative "two hole" setting that matches regulation trap throwing angles, the EasyBird Auto-Feed Oscillating Base allows you to bring professional-grade practice anywhere you want to shoot. It even comes with an independent on/off switch to convert from stationary to angling targets.

Features & Benefits

  • Oscillator can be used with EasyBird Auto-Feed (40910), EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles (45322) and EasyBird Auto-Feed 6-Packers (40911)

  • Two arc settings of 45 degrees and 34.28 degrees for ATA competition

  • 3-amp circuit breaker protects oscillating motor

  • Easily mounts to Champion Trap Taxi (40261) sold separately

  • Quick disconnect power cord

  • Not compatible with WheelyBirdTM Auto-Feed Trap (40909)

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:  $313.49

Our Price:  $275.00