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MT Series Wireless Release Systems

The MT4300 controllers represent the very latest in wireless technology.  Using components from major manufacturers including Atmel and Texas Instruments we ar able to quickly change designs or software to meet differing customer needs.  All circuit boards are made and assembled here in the United States.


MT4300 Multi-Trap Wireless Controller

(Part# MT4300)

The MT4300 can operate 15 traps on each of 255 channels.  Each channel is a different frequency so it will not cause interference on adjacent fields.

Powered by a small Lithium-Ion battery, which can be charged by either the included wall transformer or by connecting to a USB port on a PC.  On a full charge the unit will throw about 50,000 targets.  Includes an on screen battery level indicator.

5 Stand or SportTrap (UK)

Six different menus can be loaded into memory which remain even after the unit is powered off.  The 6 menus can be made for different levels of difficulty depending on how you set your targets.  Simply enter the number of shooters in the squad and you are ready to go.

No Bird, no problem, simply hit the "No Bird" button and the target or targets are thrown again when the shooter calls.

Easy to follow prompts on the screen show which stand is shooting and when to change stands.

FITASC Sporting

Four menus in the FITASC section enable you to load all 4 parcour menus in one controller, for a 100 bird tournament.  Screen indicators have now changed from numbers in 5 Stand to letters.  On screen display shows when to change to doubles and to change pegs.

COMPAK Sporting

In Compak, unlike 5 Stand, you can have 6 shooters in a squad and stand 1 shoots first rather than shooter 1 in 5 Stand.  This is all done automatically when in Compak mode.

Again, 4 different menus can be loaded into memory.


In Flush/Flurry mode you can use up to 8 machines and throw up to 999 targets in a flush.

Very easy to set up, just follow the onscreen prompts.  Enter the number of traps you are using, 2 to 8.  Enter the seconds between launches, 1 to 99.  Enter the number of targets to throw, 8 to 999.  Enter the number of shooters, 1 to 9.  Obviously more than 9 can shoot if you want.

Manual Mode

In manual mode, simply press the buttons of the traps you want to launch.  For true pairs, hit the "True Pair" button, select the traps you want and hit "True Pair" again to fire.

The MT4300 is also available in an extended version.  This option will operate 99 traps per channel.  This enables clubs to take full advantage of the functions of the MT4300 controller if they have more than 15 traps they use on one field.  This is also used at clubs that have a Quail walk-up.

TargetTag 2013

The MT4300 fully integrates with the Long Range TargetTag Counter System, giving you full control over targets thrown.

Games Currently Installed

NSCA 5 Stand - 6 Preprogrammed NSCA Menus & 6 User Defined Menus

FITASC - 4 User Menus

Manual Mode


Compak - 4 User Menus

NSCA Pro-Challenge

MT4300 Controller Price:  $1,360

Available in 2 Package Prices:

MT4300 & 6 Receivers:  $2,209

MT4300 & 8 Receivers:  $2,434

MT4300-C Wireless Multi-Trap Controller

MT4300-C Multi-Trap Wireless Controller

(Part# MT4300-C)

Built to the same specifications as the MT4300, the C version is aimed at operating a sporting clays or super sporting clays course.

With its built in counter system the MT4300-C will track all target usage as a group shoots their way through your sporting clays course.  Up to 99 stations.  

When in sporting clays mode simply enter the number of the station you are starting at and the MT4300-C operates as a standard 3 button transmitter firing the 2 traps at each station.  The red buttons firing trap 1, 2 and doubles.  When finished at that station press "Enter" and the MT4300-C will reconfigure itself ready for the next station.

Controls either 3 or 4 traps per station when in super sporting clays mode.

The "Solo Shooter" system provices a way for an individual to shoot your entire course without the need for a trapper.

The MT4300-C can also control the movement of up to 4 individual wobble machines.

Unique "Lock On" feature enables you to repeat throwing the same pair, either report or true, over and over just by pressing the "Enter" button.  Ideal for training or visiting instructors.

NEW:  Just added the ability to count down targets.  You add the number of targets the group or individual has purchased.  The unit then counts down and stops throwing targets when it reaches zero.

MT4300-C Controller Price:  $555

Available in 2 Package Prices:

MT4300-C & 6 Receivers:  $1,614

MT4300-C & 8 Receivers:  $1,903