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MEC Carts & Accessories

We are pleased to offer a selection of MEC CARTS & ACCESSORIES.


Collapsible T-Cart

Collapsible T-Cart

(Part# 120000253)

MEC's biggest, sturdiest cart. It comes standard with huge 16" Run-Flat tires. The Telescoping axels allow you to adjust the wheel base which allows extra room for MEC wobble machines and makes the base even more stable. Includes battery tray. Pin style trailer/atv hitch.

Price:  $295.00

T-Cart with Run Flat Tires

T-Cart with 16" Run-Flat Tires


MEC's heavy-duty cart upgraded to 16' diameter run flat tires for a softer ride over rocky terrain and increased ground clearance.  Does not have telescoping axles.

Price:  $295.00

T-Cart w Standard Tires

T-Cart with Standard 10" Wheels

(Part# 120000001)

Heavy-duty cart with 10" diameter solid tires and extra wide axle specifically designed to handle MEC clay target machines.

Price:  $195.00

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

(Part# 120400042 & 120400040)

Solar Panels that will keep your 12V battery charged for your clay target thrower.  These have an included Charge Controller that prevents overcharging.  This is a must when using them to keep your 12V Deep Cycle Marine battery charged and working at optimum levels.

Available in 10  Watts.  We also have a 15 Watt panel for $149.00


10W Panel  $105.00

Solar Panel Mounting Kit

Price: $95.00

100' Pull Cord

100' Complete Pull Cord for all MEC Traps

(Part# 120000011)

100' pull cord fits all machines and is available with a variety of connectors.

Price:  $100.00

Carousel Cover

Carousel Cover

(Part# 120700009 shown in picture)

Protect your target machine and the clays in it with MEC’s carousel cover.

  • Part# 120700011 - 200 Target Capacity
  • Part# 120700008 - 300 Target Capacity 6 Column
  • Part# 120700011 - 300 Target Capacity Battue
  • Part# 120700009 - 400 Target Capacity 8 Column
  • Part# 120700010 - 400 Target Capacity Battue

Price:  $40.00

Image Unavailable

ATA Spare Parts Kit

(Part# 120000291)

Kit includes: 1 Arm Rubber, 2 Fire buttons for pull cords, 2 toggle switches and 2 toggle switch boots, 2 70amp 5 pin relays, 6 5amp fuses, 1 roller limit switch and gland, 1 30amp resettable breaker, 1 200E spring, 2 rear pusher springs, 2 front rail springs, 2 bronze washers, 2 bronze bushings.

Price:  $149.00

Image Unavailable

Sporting Clays Spare Parts Kit

(Part# 120000149)

Kit includes: 2 arm rubber, 1 throwing arm, 2 fire buttons for pull cords, 2 toggle switches and 2 toggle switch boots, 2 70amp 5 pin relays, 6 5amp fuses, 2 roller limit switch and glands, 2 30amp resettable breakers, 2 trainer springs, 2 rear pusher springs, 2 front rail springs 2 bronze washers, 2 bronze bushings.

Price:  $349.00